Inspiring Words for Inspired Living

The inspiring words found on the back of each hat are what We call Soul Lights. They are words that express the best of who we are meant to be, the light that radiates from the soul level. We believe that words have an energetic vibration and certain words have inspirational powers, and it is these words that We have chosen to grace our hats.

Allow yourself to be inspired and guided by the word you choose and know that anyone reading your hat may feel it too. A little word and a brief moment can have a significant impact. You bring a gift into the world every time you wear your hat!

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Love It!

Love the soul you are and the life you love, touching all you see with your radiant heart and mind.


Peace is who you are at your core and what the Universe is as a whole – breathe it in, breathe it out into the world around you.

Soul Inspired

Inspiration from “on high” carries the pure vibrations of light and love into your heart and mind.


Blessings extend goodness and joy to whomever you encounter. When we bless we too are blessed.


Beauty is a portal into the world of goodness, truth, and all things beautiful.


Believe that all is as it should be and that your highest Self knows and loves you like no other.


Dream of truth, goodness, and beauty and build a world of peace and harmony for all.


Joy, the emotion of the soul, is our natural state of being, let it touch everyone you meet.


Love is the essential nature of the Soul and the Universe itself.

Inner Light

Let your light shine and ignite the divine spark in those around you.

Be Nice, Be Kind

Offer the best of who you are to the world and make it a better place.


Wisdom is acquired over time but given generously in a moment.


Giving heartfelt thanks for the blessings of this life, both large and small, quiets the mind, fills the heart, and soothes the soul.


Harmony is a song released from the heart when differences are united and raised to a higher vibration.

She Persisted!

Persistence was the key element that enabled women to go through the 72-year long fight and finally earn the right to vote.


Creating momentum in your life will allow you to get inspired, stay motivated, and eventually achieve any goal you set your mind and heart on.