Mermaids and the Divine Feminine

Mermaids embody the essence of the Divine Feminine radiating love, beauty, joy, light, gratitude, intuition, and patience. The Divine Feminine is a vessel for the sacred knowledge that connects pure consciousness to life.

The Divine Feminine is not a distant deity in heaven, but a presence that resides within each one of us, both male and female, one that calls for our attention as it reminds us to value the feminine alongside the masculine.

The energy of the Divine Feminine is arising from the deep waters of life, bringing feminine inspiration to our world today. Her time has come. She is the Mother aspect within each of us that nurtures the growth of the Soul. Welcome her as a divine essence within you, and all life, for the manifestation of a new civilization that embraces the good of all.


Gazing Mermaid

The energy of the sea goddess Sedna flows through each Mermaid inspiring courage and compassion. The Gazing Mermaid lays in meditative silence, tenderly gazing at the ocean and quietly listening to the wise council of the ocean that speaks to her soul. She holds the life force of substance, and the courage to paint the ocean and make it hers, she councils us to do the same. Her character is deep with warmth and love. She embodies focused dreaming as she inspires us to reach for the stars and dream big dreams.

Swimming Mermaid

The swimming mermaid moves freely through the ocean waters with fluid beauty and graceful strength. She knows who she is and listens deeply to the wisdom of her soul. Her graceful strength and courage is pure and free. The ocean is her home and she invites us into its healing waters so that we may be soothed and strengthened. She suggests to us that “whatever is good for ones/your Soul…to do just that”. She reminds us that we are the caretakers of the sacred ocean waters for the generations to come, and endows us with its vibrant energy.

Vertical Mermaid

All mermaids embody the essence of the Divine Feminine radiating love, beauty, joy and light. The vertical mermaid reaches for the surface and the heavens beyond with beauty and graceful playfulness. She is poised with the quality and sparkle of Joy. She stands upright as she gracefully floats through the deep waters animated with the energy of Love and Light. She floats through the deep waters, a divine messenger, reminding us that we, too, embody the essence of love and light.

Behind the Words

The inspirational words on these hats are my gift to you and those around you. Each word reflects what we need more of in today’s world: love, beauty, kindness, compassion, joy — and more.