About Us

Believe in only that which you truly desire for the Soul’s unfoldment – in you and in others.
Sedna Inspirations offers Hats for Inspired Living. We love wearing hats! We want to bring goodness into your day – the impact of a few simple words would be profound!

We aim to live our most INSPIRED lives by “wearing on the outside, what is true on the inside”. We want the same for you.

Sedna Inspirations is on a meaningful journey to contribute its part to helping make this a better world for all. We have designed inspirational hats that are aligned with our deeper values and are committed to “being the change” we want to see in the world. Our hats speak of soul qualities and Universal Truths.

We have graced the back of all our hats with one Universal Truth with the intention to inspire you, remind you of whom you are, or give you words to live by – and just as important – to inspire others to do the same.

These Universal Truths are what we call “Soul Lights”. They are words that express the best of who we are meant to be, the light that radiates from the Soul level. We believe words have energetic vibrations and certain words have inspirational powers, and it is these words that we have chosen to grace our hats. Imagine a world with millions of “Soul Lights” that are connected and activated by inspired citizens. The impact would be profound!